Thursday, 13 August 2015

A Milestone Celebrated

On August 13, 1995, I got my Reiki Level 1 training and attunement.  My life changed that day, even though I didn't know it yet.  I would not be aware of it for, well, about 20 years!

I met my Reiki teacher via a friend.  I never heard of Reiki before and all anyone could tell me was "It's energy healing" as if I should have know that and obviously since I didn't I must be from another planet.  Well, that is true and that story is for another day.

My Reiki teacher was so calm and peaceful, such a beautiful soul.  I was bouncy and scattered. I didn't think I fit in the spiritual world no matter how much it was calling to me.  How could I?  I was not calm and gathered like everyone else I met.  However, she accepted me as a student and off I went to her class that beautiful Summer day.

There were at least 12 other participants.  The day was packed with information and a new way of looking at healing.  I was fascinated. I was hooked.  I wanted to heal the world!  Except the world did not want to be healed.  At least not my world.  Whenever I mentioned Reiki, you know, energy healing, I was met with looks that clearly showed they thought I had three purple heads...and slowly backed away.....   So I spent the next few years healing animals.  I saved a stray cat that was hit by a car with Reiki.

I intended to get my Level II Reiki as soon as I could - within the three months that I was allowed to. But it did not happen.  Each time she scheduled a class. I was not available, did not have the money, etc, etc. etc.  Seven years passed and then.....

I met an Intuitive Healer and Reiki Master at my corporate world job one day.  He walked in, sat down in front of my desk and said "It sure is busy in here".  I replied "Yes, this is a very busy office". He looked straight at me, smiled and said "No, I mean busy in "here"..."....meaning my cubicle space, meaning...ME!  He then proceeded to tell me a whole bunch of stuff - about me!  After 15 minutes, he left and I was in tears.  I knew then and there I would be studying with him.

Roughly 6-8 months later I saw a class he was teaching and I immediately signed up.  It was called Intuitive Living.  I had so much fun!  I left that class with three new friends and a new Reiki teacher.  I took my Level II from him a month later.  I felt guilty for not going to my original Reiki teacher as I felt since I started with her, I should continue with her.  I soon realized why I never did get to a Level II class with her.  My new teacher saw the potential of Intuitive Healing in me and proceeded to tutour me for the next six months.  This is something my other Reiki Master did not do, she kept to traditional Reiki treatments.  This is not a negative thing, this is just not, apparently, what I needed.

Eventually I also obtained my Level 3 and then my Master Teacher Level.  I did not intend to be a Reiki Teacher, I loved doing healing sessions and that is all I wanted to do.  One day my Guides said to me "You will become a Reiki Master and teach Reiki to others!"  This totally took me off guard and all I could do was say "Ok" in a sheepish voice (in my head that is).  And so I did.  That was in 2004.

So I began teaching Reiki to others in 2004.  My student list was growing steadily.  Then one day I started to hear from people that were attuned Reiki Level I from another teacher and they wanted to take their Level II from me. They heard I was an Intuitive Healer and they wanted to learn that from me (you see, in Level II I throw out the hand positions and introduce intuitive healing).  At first I felt awful "taking" students from other teachers. I had to remember that students have the right to choose their teacher.  (No doubt some of my students made their way to other Masters too).  And then it hit me - I found myself working with another Master because I needed the Intuitive Training, so others would feel the same call! Once I had that realization, then I was okay with it.

Then something else started to occur,  I heard from people who had Reiki training but did not feel anything, or think "it took" and asked me about it.  This I found to be odd.  I never heard of that before nor did I understand how that could happen - everyone can be attuned to Reiki.  I soon learned why.

Almost the same time, I began hearing of other Reiki types.  Honestly, I paid little attention to them. They did not jump out at me as something I would want to learn.  Then I made the connection between people not feeling anything and these new types of Reiki.  Many of these were taught distantly, the attunements were not done in the students actual energy field.  So again, I stayed away from them.

Jump ahead several years...  I have been teaching Reiki for about 11 years, giving healing sessions for 12-13 years and still Reiki was not accepted by medical insurance companies - unless you were a massage therapist.  I felt insulted by that!  I took Reiki seriously and abided by a code of ethics, took time to learn anatomy, etc. I did not feel that was fair.

In talking with several other Reiki teachers and practitioners about this, it became clear as to why. The evolved Reiki forms had changed Reiki so much over the years, there was no standardized training, as other energy healing modalities had.  This was ruining the reputation of Reiki!

So, one day a year ago, a friend and I decided we should create a professional association for Reiki and that evolved into an association for energy healing in general. We want to show the medical world and the general public that Reiki  (and I mean the traditional Usui Reiki) does work and that there are teachers and practitioners that take Reiki and their businesses seriously.  We had other energy healers join us to create the association, to create the by-laws, Code of Conduct and.....standardized teaching.  And we are making great headway!  We are not even a year old yet and we have already made great strides!

Reiki has most certainly changed my life!  In addition to the personal and spiritual growth it brought to me, Reiki was the first class I taught - and I am now a full time healer and teacher.  And the co-creator of this association which will help the businesses of all energy healers grow and give people in our community faith in - and a new way of looking at - energy healing!

So, as I celebrate this 20 year milestone and reflect upon the past 20 years, I must express gratitude to my Guides for "nudging" me to become a Reiki teacher.  I would not be where I am today, if they didn't push me beyond my comfort zone.  So Guides - thank you!

Angela Jeffreys

P.S. Now, I do want to add something.,  I have since explored some of these new Reiki forms. What I have discovered about some of them is that they do not have anything or have very little to do with original Usui Reiki.  That does not mean they are not good healing modalities in themselves.  They just are not Reiki.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

My Power Blanket

The Story of How A Blanket Helped Me Gain My Personal Power.

I have a special blanket.  It is not one that I use a lot but it has very special significance.  It represents my freedom.  It represents the permission I gave myself to be "Me".

In my first marriage, I was emotionally subdued.  What I wanted or needed did not matter, it was always what he wanted.  I entered into this relationship as it is a direct path from my upbringing.  What my mother and step-father wanted was always first, I was not even on the list - not even last.  I never did anything for myself - only for others, to make them happy.

One day, not long after I discovered Shamanism and began to understand that I did have the right to be me and not only have the right, but that I must, I saw this blanket.  It was beautiful!  It depicted my Power Animal and it just called to me - and it was on sale!!  I wanted it so badly but I could not justify the money as it was somewhat pricey, even with the sale.

I walked away from it and it kept calling to me.  I told my friend how much I wanted it and she encourage me to buy it, that I deserved it. I was afraid of how my husband at the time would react to such a trivial purchase (although he did it all the time).

So, I breathed in deeply, went to the store and bought the blanket!!  Then I freaked!!  I was afraid to take it home and get into to trouble, so I sent it home with my friend for a few days.

Finally, I realized, that I deserved that blanket!  I worked and earned my own money, the blanket was special to me and I loved it, so why not have it!  So, I brought it home.  Now, funny, thinking back to this, which is over 20 years ago, I cannot remember what his reaction was!  I just remember the fear of getting into trouble and feeling as though I could not do something for me.

I learned a valuable lesson through that blanket, one that I needed to learn and changed the course of me life......


Friday, 29 August 2014

End of August Musings.....

The end of August is upon us. Although it is technically still the season of Summer, the energy changes when September arrives. The weather changes, the air feels different, the colours around us change. The relaxed aloofness of Summer returns once again to an organized and productive schedule.
No doubt our ancestors felt this too. Although their lives were not as complicated as ours, it was still a busy time. They concerned themselves with preserving and storing food for the winter and stacking wood for heat and cooking, returning their animal stock to their winter homes .
Our ancestors felt another shift in the energy, one most of our society has forgotten. It is the change in the Veils between the Realms. This is the time we can feel our Ancestors energies, the deceased will talk to us. Additionally, as we head into the darkest time of the year, this is a time in which we can look deep into ourselves and search for our own Inner Light.
As much as I am sad to see the end of summer, the hot days and summer fun come to an end, deep down I always look forward to this time of year. It calls to the core of my being, awakening my every sense.. I feel the most alive, ironically, in this time of dying and death.
As we say goodbye to Summer, I once again embrace the Autumn with the usual anticipation of exploring the depths of living and dying. Once again this Autumn, I will allow death to show me the way, so that I may re-emerge in the Light of Winter renewed and very much alive!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

How to do a Fire Releasing Ceremony

     One of the things I frequently recommend in my healing sessions, whether it be with Intuitive Healing or Shamanic Soul Retrieval sessions, is a Fire Releasing Ceremony.   Many people have the impression it is a very scary ceremony that requires a lot of complicated rituals, including things they would not feel comfortable doing. A Fire Releasing Ceremony is nothing like that.  Yes, it can be a very rich ceremony with a lot of people, drumming, loud noises, etc, however it can also be a very simple, quiet, and deeply personal ceremony.

     One huge misconception is that you must be a Shaman or be Wiccan to do a Fire Releasing Ceremony. That is not true.  All that is required is that an individual must want to release an particular emotion (i.e. pent up anger), a limiting thought process and/or attitude (i.e. I am not deserving of a happy life), or memories from an ended marriage or an old job.  That is it.  What you add to the ceremony, you decide for yourself.  You can make it a large ceremony or keep it quiet.    

     Non-spiritual, people when they first hear about the concept of a Fire Releasing ceremony, love it!  Without understanding many spiritual principles, they like the idea of ridding themselves the memories of past relationships or old jobs so they can move forward. 

     There are two ways to conduct a Fire Releasing Ceremony.  The traditional Shamanic way, and a more modernized way.  Below are instructions for both.  Both are just as effective, the only difference between them is your personal preference. 

Part 1
Traditional Shamanic Way
     Gather a bunch of materials. String, yarn, feathers, paper, sticks, acorns, glue, ribbons, shells, sea sponge, dried seaweed, etc, anything you have or can find. There is no need to purchase anything. If you do not have an assortment of things, go for a walk in the woods or along the beach and collect things.
     When you have time and will not be interrupted, sit quietly with the assortment of materials laid out in front of you. Take a couple of deep cleansing breaths and bring forward the emotion/attitude/etc you wish to release.  Feel the emotion, attitude, etc that you wish to release. 
     Begin to assemble some of the materials to make an object of some sort. As you do this, feel the energy of that attitude or emotion flow through your arms, into your hands and into the materials. Continue creating until you feel as though all the energy has been released. 
     The object does not have to look like anything in particular.  The point is not what you make, it is to release the energy.  Even if you just take a stick and a ball of yarn and wind the yarn around the stick while releasing the emotion!  This is called a Power Object.

Modernized Way
     This method is more commonly used when releasing an emotion connected to a specific person, however, it can be used for any thing you wish to release.
     Gather some paper and a pen.  Be sure to have plenty of paper.  When you have time and will not be interrupted, sit quietly with the pen and paper.  Take a couple of deep cleansing breaths and bring forward the emotion/attitude/etc you wish to release.  Feel the emotion, attitude, etc that you wish to release.  Now pick up the pen and begin writing.
     If you are releasing emotions connected to a person, you may write as if you are writing a letter to that particular person. Tell them what you feel and think about them or how s/he made you feel
, etc.  Let it all out! Don't hold anything back, release it all from your body. Continue to write until you feel you have released all the energy, no matter how much paper you use.  Use as much as you need whether it be 2 sheets of paper or 20!
For any other purpose, write what you want to release.  For example, you are releasing an old job.  You could write " I release all memories from my job at _______" or "I now forget all the experiences I had when working at __________".  Write whatever you feel you want/need to write. As you write, allow all the energy, emotions, etc to flow down along your arm, into the pen, into the ink and onto the paper.  Continue to write until you feel you have released all the energy.

Part 2
Fire Ceremony
- Holding the newly created Power Object or the paper, stand in front of a Fire.  This can be a fire outside in a bonfire setting (in your yard or on a beach) or in a fire pot, even your fireplace inside your house, if you have one, works well.  If you do hot have access to any of those, then use a large metal garbage can but with paper only. 
-Smudge, rattle to create Sacred Space, drum to call in your own Animals/ Guides.**
-Focus on the Power Object or paper in your hand and the energy that you are releasing.
-When you are ready, toss the item/paper into the Fire.
-Watch as the object/paper burns and the smoke rises. “See” that the energy you placed in the Power Object or paper as being sent into the Universe to be transmuted into positive energy.
-Once the Power Object or paper has completely burned, give thanks to the Fire, and release all helping spirits and allies.  Douse the Fire.     

**If you do not know what smudging is, or know how to call in your Guides and Allies, you can eliminate this part.  Just follow the remaining directions and the ceremony will still be a success.

Conducting a Fire Releasing Ceremony is so liberating! Why not include some friends and support each other! Providing the space for others to be able to release old emotions can be one of the best gifts you can give another person.   If you decide to include others, here is how you would include this in:
1.  As you write out your letter or make your Power Objects. do not chit chat amoungst yourselves.  Stay focused on releasing the energy.  Chit chatting will distract you from doing so.
2.  When you are at the fire, stand in a circle as best as you can.  Each person, when the feel ready, approaches the fire and tosses in their paper or Power Object.  As the person tosses it in, all the other participants shout, hoot and holler in support and encouragement. Shout comments such as "WooHOO!"  It can sometimes be difficult to release these old emotions and having support makes it all the easier.
3.  If you have drums and rattles, hold a steady beat throughout, and when a participant is at the fire, increase to very rapid beats when you do the shouts of encouragement and support.

Copyright - Angela Jeffreys 2014, All Rights Reserved.

Friday, 4 October 2013

The Energy Bank Account and Credit Line

Today I had the most amazing epiphany ever and I want to share it with you as this may apply to you as well.

Money and I have issues.  Always have, no matter how hard I tried to improve it. Past Life readings told me I have a Poverty Complex, meaning a took vows of poverty for my Spiritual Life.  Well, that didn't help me.

One day, many years ago, I learned the Feng Shui concept of clearing clutter to make space for the new.  So I cleared all the clutter I could.  It worked.  For two months.  Then back to the old issues.   Then the Law of Attraction rose up.  I worked with that heavily. That worked too!!  Also for only two months.  I gave up.

Two days ago my car started making an awful noise.  Great, this is going to cost money, money I don't have. And with everything else going on, I don't have time to deal with this! So I made an appointment to take my car to the dealership to have it looked at and had to cancel another appointment I had that I made two weeks ago as a result.  More time juggling!

Today, as I was driving to the dealership I started to beg and plead with my Guides.  "Please let this be a simple thing, that does not cost a lot of money.  It's okay if it takes a while and I have to sit and wait, please just don't let it be a huge expense.  I have the time as I budgeted the time for it, but I don't have the money".  Then it hit me and it hit me hard!!!  I will explain...........

I am a very busy person.  I live between two countries, I run two businesses, help my husband run his business, have a business with a friend, I am a deputy editor of a fairly new magazine so lots of energy goes there to help it grow, I  have a 7 year old daughter, two step children ages 11 & 16, and still have to run a household - cook, clean, laundry, etc.  I never have any time for anything.

Today I realized that because I never have time to do anything, that causes the money issues.  Huh? You ask.  Well, look at it this way.  What is time?  What is money?  These are energies.  As are emotions.  If you burn one up, overuse it, etc, it will cost you elsewhere.  What I realized is that by spending all my time being too busy to fit anything else in, it costs me money.  As soon as I do get some in, it goes straight out again, and here I was facing the possibility of a huge car problem.

Look at it as a bank account but not for just money.  A bank account for Energy.  All energy.  Money, time and emotions.  You have so much energy in your account, you make deposits and withdrawals like any other account.  If you empty it, then you have to dip into your Energy Credit Line, thus will cost you something else "in interest".  The same with emotions,.  If you worry about money too much, you spend your emotions, and thus time, so in the end it costs you money!

I am constantly saying "I can't afford the time", "I can't spend the time".  I was telling myself I was burning up my Energy "currency" but I was not getting it!  And thus, it always cost me the lack of incoming money (income) or a bill for something else, or something that needs to be fixed or replaced.  I never got ahead.

And the results of my car issues?  Today, I knew I was going to be at the dealership for some length of time, so I budgeted my time.  I took work with me and I did it at the dealership.  As soon as I was done a particular task, they called my name. I expected that was the point they were going to tell me what was wrong, how much money it was going to cost and how much time it would cost.  When I acknowledged my name being called, I was told my car was ready.  Really??  Wow.  I go to the counter they tell me what was wrong (and it was a very simple thing), hand me my keys and tell me where my car is parked.  "But I owe you for the work though" I offered.  No, there was no charge!!

I learned the exceptionally valuable lesson that if I budget my time, and allow myself to afford time for things, then it will not cost me money.  I will start to work with this concept from now on.

And.....I was given an entry to win a new car in a draw in January.  I think the Gods and Goddess want to see if I have learned my lesson............

Angela Jeffreys

Copyright - 2013.


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Promise to a Hurricane

The 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Juan was a few days ago.  I thought I would share this article I wrote about it several months later.  

Promise to a Hurricane

September 28, 2003 began like any other Sunday in Dartmouth, NS.  There was not much on the agenda for the day, so I was taking the opportunity for a welcomed break.  But by mid-afternoon that all changed.  We received a phone call from my father-in-law, a retired meteorologist.  He checked the weather forecast for the day and saw that a hurricane; Hurricane Juan; was headed right for us.

We spent the next couple of hours putting away all our patio furniture, barbeque, and lawn ornaments, making sure that all was secure when the hurricane hit.  Finally we were satisfied all was safe in our yard, but then we wondered about our neighbors.  No one else seemed to be aware of the impending storm, no one else was hurrying to put away their lawn furniture and accessories.

Later that night the winds started to pick up.  We watched the reports on the local television stations, and waited for the storm to come.  And it did.  Just after midnight the winds really started to blow and howl hard.  My bedroom window was open and I began to hear wood splintering.  Since our backyard is all trees, I was worried a tree would crash in through our bedroom window.  I began to worry and I didn't feel safe at all. 

Then I had an idea.  I decided that I would journey to the Eye of the Hurricane and ask to keep us safe.  So, I did just that.  As I lay in bed, I imagined a drumming sound to put me in the journey state.  I went to the Lower World and asked my helping Weather Spirits to take me to the Eye of the Hurricane.  What an amazing feeling that was!  So much wind and turmoil but so much peace and tranquility at the same time.

I spoke to the hurricane.  I asked the hurricane to keep us safe.  Then I thought about my neighbors and asked to keep them safe.  Then I thought about my entire street, I can’t just ask for us and our immediate neighbors, I have to ask for the safety of the entire street.  So, I did just that.  But, I felt the hurricane would want something in return.  So, I made a bargain.

I promised that if the hurricane kept us safe, I would never speak negatively of the hurricane.  Suddenly, I heard a large booming voice say “YOU WILL BE PROTECTED”.  This large booming voice startled me, but I felt comforted.  I then tried to fall asleep as the storm passed.

The next morning, my husband got up and left for work.  Since the power was still out from the hurricane passing through, we could not hear the reports on the radio.  About 20 minutes later he came bursting through the door saying ”You've got to come out and see this!”    He explained he couldn't get to work because the roads were blocked by downed trees.

We walked down the street and met up with some neighbors.  As we walked along, we were amazed to see all the trees that fell, but no property was damaged!  Two vehicles had trees on them, but they were not damaged in any way.  Another neighbor had a tree fall against the deck on the back of the house, but the deck was not damaged.  Lots of trees were down, but they just lay across yards, and the street.  We were amazed!

A couple of weeks later, the Point Pleasant Park was opened to the public for one weekend.  The park was closed due to the amount of devastation caused by the hurricane.  Huge sections of the park were destroyed.  As we walked through the park, we could hear other peoples comments, hear their sadness and see them crying.    It was very difficult to walk through and see the extent of the damage.

It bothered me so much that when we got home, I had to journey to the trees.  I was very surprised by their words to me!  The trees told me not to be sad for them since they were not sad.  They had a good long life, and to them, this is just a part of the life cycle.  They knew this would happen and that was okay as it helps create more life.  Those words really impacted me and I have not been sad since.

Over the next few months, I talked to a lot of people who were affected by the storm.  I worked as an insurance broker at the time and for two months straight, I talked to people who had damage of one sort or another.  However, with all the people I talked to, I noticed a common comment made by almost everyone.  “It was amazing, with all the trees that fell, none fell across the house.  They fell all around the house!” 

It was several months before I realized that the booming words I heard from the hurricane “YOU WILL BE PROTECTED” that night, did not just apply to me, but to everyone! 

I saw a lot of good things come from this hurricane.  I saw any trades person who needed work had it for at least six months or more.  I saw families spend time together playing games since the TV could not be turned on or computer games played as the power was out from 3 to 7 days.  I saw neighbors come together and have street barbeques to use up food so it wouldn't spoil. 

Yes, some people did have more serious damage, and yes a few lives were lost due to the hurricane or as a result of the hurricane.  That cannot be overlooked however; the overall greater good also cannot be ignored!

So, in keeping with my promise, this hurricane was amazing!!!

Angela Jeffreys
Copyright - 2004

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Doing the Right Thing

     I was given somewhat of a test today.  How true do I stay to my belief system, no matter how busy I get with mundane things?  I had to take my car in for some maintenance today, and I also has some other errands to run, and get ready for a circle I belong to tonight, plus many other things.  A busy day indeed!  As I was leaving the car dealership, I found a small bird, dead, by the building.  My first thought "Aww....poor thing''', my second thought, "Wonder what that means?", and my third thought was "I need to do something about with it, I can't just leave it there."  But I had a lot to do.  I didn't have time to bury a bird.  And I walked away.

     I got to my car and I stopped.  I just could not leave it there, on the pavement beside this commercial building.  It just was not the right thing for a Shamanic person to do.  So I went back, scooped it up and brought it home with me.  I gave it a little burial in my back yard and said a little prayer for it.

     When all was said and done, I felt much better about it.  I was happy I did not leave it there.  And you know what?  It did not take away too much time from my busy schedule to take care of it.  I stayed true to my path and still managed to get all my mundane things done.  I passed the test.