Saturday, 3 August 2013

A Back Ended Message

A few days ago, I went on a walk with a friend.   We met at a coastal boardwalk in my community.  It is a quiet, peaceful spot, for most of the year.  It attracts a lot of tourists in the summer which is great the local artists set up in little shops nearby.  It is a quaint spot, full of natural beauty, and one I go to frequently when I want to think or just take a break.

     We were talking about all the changes that I have been going through lately, when I suddenly spotted something right in my path on the boardwalk. It was a grasshopper! I stopped only a couple of steps before it, expecting it to jump away.  But it did not go anywhere.  I noticed that its back end was in a groove in the wood.  My first instinct was "Is it having a poop or is it laying eggs?"  Odd time of year for laying eggs....isn't it?

     I crouched down to get a closer look.  I could see something being pushed out the back end, but I still was not sure "what" was being pushed out. Again, I expected the grasshopper to jump away, with this large human hovering above it.    So I decided to leave it be.  As I stood up, it slowly walked to the edge of the walkway, dragging its tail behind it.

     We pondered the significance of this sign.  How many other people passed by and never noticed it?  There were quite a few people on the boardwalk that day.  And not exactly knowing what it was doing, the message was tough to decipher. Was there something I had to "purge" to leap forward again?  Or were new things being laid out for me? I was disappointed I did not bring my camera, which is unusual for me, so my friend took a photo with her phone.  Off we went, and the discussion eventually moved to other topics, as they do.

     When I got home, I researched when grasshoppers lay eggs.  The grasshopper and its activity was stuck in my head, I had to figure out what it was doing so I could figure out the message.  Egg laying seemed to stick with me, almost nagging at me, more than the idea it was purging waste.  So I Googled when grasshoppers lay eggs.  Sure enough, they lay eggs in late Summer, and typically in sand, not boardwalk grooves.  I saw photos of grasshoppers laying eggs and it was exactly what we saw that afternoon.  Ok, now I have the activity, all that is left is the message.

     Grasshoppers message is about taking leaps of faith.  I am no stranger to that.....I have done that several times in my life. So what is the message?  It was laying eggs and could not leap away.  Ok, I think I have it...have faith that all the 'eggs" I am laying will be successful, and continue to lay more eggs.

     The next day, I found out that an "egg" that was laid about a year ago, may be ready to hatch!  So, I am remaining open to see what happens with that, along with other things that were started and had to be set aside.  I am also open to new opportunities that may lay before me!  Thank you Grasshopper, and thank you for teaching me something new about you, and thus myself at the same time.

With Gratitude,
Angela Jeffreys

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