About Blue Crow Inspirations

Blue Crow Inspirations is the business name for Angela's work.

While Angela was living in the Netherlands from 2008-2011, a transformation of her abilities, and thus her work, began. Over this time, the Crow showed up more and more and soon this became a symbol of what her work is about.  It took awhile for Angela to realize that the Crow was there all along........  One night in mid 2011, Angela woke from a deep sleep hearing the words "Blue Crow" that would soon change her path and career, and led to her new business name Blue Crow Inspirations.  The levels and layers of what this name means runs very deep.

The Blue Crow logo came from a photograph Angela took herself.

Angela's work consists of:
-Metaphysical Hypnotherapy -    Find out what karmic lessons, life lessons or contracts are holding you back from achieving your goal, from happiness, and from having the life you want.

- On-line workshops and courses of various topics including Shamanism, crystals, spiritual tools, aura and energy protection, Basics of Spiritual Practice, Chakra's, and much more.

- In person workshops.  Angela is available for bookings in person anywhere in Canada, US and Europe.

- Books and e-books.  Angela has authored several books:
   Naturally You - A Guide to Natural Skin Care (available in book or electronic form)
   Crystals, Essentially - A Guide to Making and Using Crystal Essences (available in book or e-book)
   Essentially, You - Your Guide to Essential Oils (available in electronic form)
   Dream Journal - dream journal and workbook to decipher the messages of your dreams using
                               Shamanic dream interpretation principles.   Book form only.

-Healing services - Intuitive Healing sessions and Soul Retrieval sessions - in person and distant sessions

-Insight Tarot Readings - giving you insight into a difficult situation, a decision to be made, or what
 direction to take, how to move forward if you are feeling stuck.  These are not future or fortune telling readings.

-Guided meditations: Chakra Balancing,
                                   Meet Your Spirit Guide,
                                   Meet Your Shadow Side
                                   Meet A Crossed Over Loved One
                                   Drumming track for those who know how to do Shamanic Journeying.

If there is something you are looking for and it is not in there, please e-mail Angela at