Sunday, 28 July 2013

Squirrel's Song

     This morning, while preparing class materials for a Shamanic Soul Retrieval training, I heard a new sound coming in the window next to me from outside.  "Happy sounding bird" I thought.  Turns out it was not a bird.  I noticed that the sound was not stopping so I paid more attention to it.  Then I realized it was not a bird but a squirrel.

     At first I felt a little silly for not recognizing it as a squirrel right away.  Then I thought to myself "That is the first squirrel I have have heard this summer", and continued to ponder if there was a message in this never ending chirping.  "I will check it out later" I thought.  Well!  The chattering went into overdrive!  It was is if he was saying "Not later! NOW".  I responded "Okay! Okay!  I get the message!" as I opened a new Google tab to research squirrel.  And no sooner had I done that and the chirping stopped.

     Pretty much ALL of the attributes of Squirrel apply so it was hard to tell which one was the message.  Perhaps it was all of them?  I scoured the page looking for the attribute to jump out at me.  A couple of them did, finally.

     Since I was working at the time, the one that seemed to scream the loudest at me was to be sure to play as well.  I am very much a workaholic.  I love the work I do, and it hardly seems like work the majority of the time. I would spend every waking moment working if I could, and when I can, I do.  I realize that is not always a good thing.  I need to take some time for myself, which I rarely do.  so tonight, I will relax and curl up with a good book...on Shamanic Dreaming.......

Thank you Squirrel for reminding me to not work so much!!

In gratitude,
Angela Jeffreys

Copyright Angela Jeffreys 2013

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Friday, 19 July 2013

Busy as a Bee

Copyright - Angela Jeffreys
     For the past few weeks a Bee has been hanging out with me.  It usually sits on the support beam on our balcony, and now and again it will come into the apartment and fly around me.  Many times while hanging out on the balcony to take a short break and get some sun, it will fly around me in circles.  At first I did not think much about it as we are surrounded by gardens and I like Bees so they do not scare me. But then one day I realized we are in a fifth floor apartment.  I didn't think Bees would fly that high.  How many flowers would be this high?  So I began to ponder Bees constant visit.

     I never thought Bee could be one of my Animal Guides, but now that I think about it, I think he is!  I have always been fascinated by Bees, sign #1.  I love to photograph them at work thus I have 100's of photos of Bees. Sign #2.  I have always been a hard worker, quite often working two jobs at any given time.  One full time job in an office and I always had some sort of part time home business.  One of Bees aspects is busyness and productivity.  Sign #3.  How many more do I need?

     So in pondering this Bee that has been hanging around, I realized that for the last three weeks, I have been in overdrive.  I no longer have an office job as my main income.  My spiritual work is, and has been for a number of years, my only job and thus only source of income.  I am one of the few in my community where spiritual work is the only job, so I am very blessed that way.  But it also means I work hard.  Very hard.  And that I have been doing.  So, I think Bee has been around lately to help me with that, to stay focused, and to remain productive.  And I have been productive, therefore I must say to Bee - Thank you!!!  Feel free to come visit me anytime.  :)

Angela Jeffreys

All photos property of Angela Jeffreys

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Warning Received with Gratitude

     Several months ago I was drumming for a friend who wanted to go on a journey for some personal insight.  My intention was to hold space for her and not to journey as well.  My Guides and Power Animals had a different plan for me.
Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada **

     Within moments of placing the beater to the drum, I was pulled into a journey.  It felt as though someone reached out for me and pulled into the Middle World.  No going to the Lower World first to meet my Guides or get a message.  Nope, none of that.  I was pulled straight to my Sacred Place, a little cabin by a lake.  I was pulled right into that cabin and directed to the table.

     On the table was a letter.  I did not pick it up, but it was in front of me as if I were holding it to read it. The words on the letter were....... I love you
                                                   You are beautiful
                                                   See you when you come to the other side

     Then I was shown a horrific scene.  I watched as my husband walked out of the train station coming home from work.  He was approached by a man dressed in dark clothes.  Then I watched as he stabbed my husband in the stomach.  I came out of that journey with a jolt, tears running down my eyes.  I was shaking. I was just shown my husbands death!

     As soon as my friend left I was on the phone to my husband.  I had to tell him about this right away.  He fully believes in what I do and I knew he would take this seriously.  Which he did.  He journeyed to his Power Animal and he was shown the same scene.  Except he was shown that he would not die at the time of the stabbing but in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.  He was also given a number - 3.  Did that mean three days? Three weeks?  Perhaps it meant March 3, which was a few weeks away.

     The weeks following were stressful.  I always waited with baited breath for him to come home from work.  Every night I made sure he surrounded himself with White Light as soon as he left work.  I always reinforced it as well.  I waited by the window watching for him, hoping to catch a glimpse of him at the station but it was too dark.  And then one night, our fears were shown to be not unfounded.

     Right around March 3, he was coming home from work on the train.  Shortly after he sat down, a man dressed in dark clothes sat diagonally across from him.  He was keeping an eye on my husband.  The energy he exuded was unnerving.  Eventually my husband had to change trains and this man followed him, once again sitting across, keeping an eye on him.  This worried my husband so he used the Reiki Protection symbol as re-reinforcement.  What happened next was a miracle!

     No sooner had he invoked the Protection symbol, a conductor appeared, seemingly out of nowhere.  He asked the man across the aisle for his ticket.  He did not have one.  The conductor stayed with him and escorted him off the train at the next stop - two stops before my husband was to get off!  Whew!

     The nervous feeling we had for the previous weeks was now gone.  Tremendous gratitude was given to our Guides for the warning.  If we did not have the advance warning, he would not have been as diligent on watching his surroundings, being aware of who was there.  That saved him.  And we are grateful. Very grateful.

In gratitude,
Angela Jeffreys

**Photo property of Angela Jeffreys


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Eagle and Beach

Along the Gulf Shore, NS
     Last summer I was walking along a beach, looking for whatever the beach may have to offer whether it be shells, rocks, beach glass, and so on.  What came to me was an incredible gift, one I will never forget.

     Usually when I beach comb, I always look down.  How else are you going to find the treasures the ocean and beach have to offer?  At one point, I just happened to look up.  As if something made me do so.  What I saw was breath taking!  An Eagle came from the other end of the beach.  I stood in absolute awe as I watched it slowly and gracefully make its way towards me.  What happened next stunned me.

Copyright -Angela 
     The Eagle flew directly to me, circled over my head and went directly back from   where it came.  All I could do was stand there with my jaw wide open, completely   stunned and amazed.  "That Eagle came for me!" was all I could think.  And as I pondered the message of the Eagle, I turned my gaze back down to the beach. Then it hit me.

     The message was loud and clear.....stop looking down all the time!  The Eagle was   telling me to stop looking down not just in general, but looking down upon myself.  Look up and see the beauty and magnificence this world has to offer but also see the greatness within me as well.

     I was deeply humbled by the visit and message of the great Bald Eagle, the most revered bird in the Sky. It touched me so deeply that this magnificent bird, looked up to by so many, made a point to come to me with a message.  I took that very serious, and as of that moment, I began the journey to look up.....

With Gratitude,
Angela Jeffreys

**All photos are property of Angela Jeffreys**

Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Whispering Willow's Message

     Walking on the path along the canal, bag full of groceries in hand, the Willow Tree calls to me, whispering "Come on in......."

 I enter the tree, standing under the canopy, in awe of its beauty. What is the message the Willow holds for me? I look around. Nope, no feathers or sticks being offered.  Standing, wondering, a gentle breeze passes by. 

     Am I to go more with the flow, I ask, is that the message? No, it is not the message. I continue to stand and look, opening up to allow the message to flow. 

     Then I notice the branches hanging inside are perfectly still while the outer branches sway in the breeze. The message I receive is "No matter the chaos and busyness outside, remain calm, peaceful and steady inside and all will be well".

     I place my hand on the trunk of the Willow and we exchange energy,giving it my gratitude.

Angela Jeffreys

Monday, 8 July 2013

Need a New Perspective?

     I was standing on the balcony of my 5th floor apartment the other day, enjoying the beautiful sunny day, singing birds, and admired the beautiful gardens below.  The apartment complex we live in, here in the Netherlands, has a beautiful garden court yard filled with shrubs, trees, many varieties of flowers and thus many birds.  As I was standing there looking down admiring the beauty before me, a pigeon flew by.  I saw the pigeon from the top and could see it in its full glory, wings spread, all colours and patterns showing.  I could not help but think how beautiful it was!  Then I realized something.
View from our balcony.

     Most of us only see pigeons from below and cannot see how beautiful they are.  I was then reminded of the Power Animal of the Week post I made on my Facebook Page only a couple days prior, which just happened to be about Pigeon!  I commented on how pigeon is not a desired Power Animal like the highly revered eagle, bear or wolf.  I wondered, would we think differently as a society if we could see their beauty? Or would they still be seen as a pest?  I pondered over how sad it is more people could not see the beauty a pigeon holds and if only they could see what I see, and how lucky I was to live in this apartment to give me this perspective.   Then it hit me.

     I realized, how where we live can change our perspective on things, giving us an entirely new light on life, our environment, and sometimes, our belief systems and way of life.  I began to reflect on my own life and how the different places I lived during my life has helped me to see completely different things, places, and ways of life.  All of these have helped shape who I am, help me appreciate what I have, and believe it or not, what I believe in.  Let me share a couple of examples with you.

     When I was 16 years old, I suddenly found myself living in Seoul, South Korea.  How I got there is another story for another day.  While I lived there I experienced an entirely different way of life than I was used to in North America.  I arrived with armed Korean Military Police all over the city and at the gate of my house to protect the foreigners from potential attacks by the North Koreans.  At that time Ronald Reagan, the President of the US was coming for a visit to Korea so extreme precautions were being taken.  Imagine how a 16 year old who never experienced military presence like that before and one who was highly sensitive would have felt?  It was overwhelming and terrifying!  It took some getting used to the fact they were there to protect me.  That was my introduction to life in South Korea.
Angela at the  Korean Folk Museum, 1983

     I spent the summer of 1984 with a Canadian missionary nurse who worked at the local hospital.  I traveled with her and a medical team to nearby villages, giving them access to doctors and medicines.  I would wrap the prescribed medicines in paper for the villagers.  What I saw and experienced in those visits opened my eyes - wide!  Most of these villages did not have electricity, many did not have running water.  Houses were not insulated and were made from rice paper in wooden frames joined together to make walls.  They were mainly farmers that worked hard long days, most not educated.  These people had tough lives, none of the conveniences we are used to (such as plumbing, washing machines, a solid house) but they had the biggest smiles on their faces!  They were happy, and truly happy!  As a 16 year old, that deeply impacted me and even 30 years later, I have never forgotten that.  Nor have I lost appreciation for the comfortable living the Western World provides us.**

     Jumping forward years later, I find myself learning and living a Shamanic way of life.  Being connected to Nature, observing the cycles of the Sun and the Moon, paying attention to the signs given to me to help guide me along my path.  I found myself leaning into Celtic Shamanism.  My heart sang, my Soul danced, and my face smiled as I walked deeper and deeper along this path. I learned that Beltane, which is celebrated May 1 was considered the first day of Summer, and June 21 was called Mid Summers Day.  Living in Nova Scotia, where summer actually did begin on the Solstice, this made no sense to me at all, but that was what I learned, so I followed along trustingly.  Then I found myself living in the Netherlands, the heart of Celtic country.

     Living in Celtic country showed me why Beltaine was considered the beginning of summer - it was!  It was hot in April and May.  I also began to see that June 21st certainly was mid summer.  As soon as August hit, one of the hottest months in Nova Scotia, it was already cooling down here in the Netherlands and the nights were very chilly. The Celtic Sabbaths certainly made sense once I actually lived it.

     I also learned why certain animals and trees were so prolific in the Celtic spiritual way.  I could now understand why the Druids tools and rituals were centered around trees and animals that were not overly common in North America (or at least to any great extent, depending too on where you are), such as swans, rabbits, reindeer (for the more Northern parts of Euope, not so much the Netherlands), Oak, Holly, and
Willow.  These are everywhere!  Willows line all the canals, oaks fill the forests,swans swim the lakes and canals.  Rabbits! Oh the rabbits!  They run across the walking and bicycle paths in the country, and even in the city.  Next to our apartment complex there is a small green area and every evening they scatter as we walk through.   Everything I learned about Celtic Shamanism now made sense.  Perfect sense!

     Now of course, I realize I have had some amazing opportunities to live in these countries and live the culture to gain these perspective,  however, you do not need to move across the Atlantic or to the other side of the World to gain another perspective.  There are many ways to see things differently. They are all around you.  I have heard from many people that moved from the ocean to the mountains, and miss the ocean so much.  Did they realize before how much they appreciate the ocean or did it take the move to show them?
What else is there?

     Are you frustrated your car needs servicing again and you have spend another afternoon at the service center?  Look at all the people that don't own cars standing at the bus stop or train station.  Do you think your boss does not pay you enough?  Look at all the people that work at hard labour jobs for minimum wage.  Do you wish you could be outside at the beach instead of being stuck in a stuffy office? Look at all the people in the Food Bank line ups because they do not have a job at all.  These are only a couple of suggestions, but there is so much more!  Do you live in the city and wish you could live in the country?  Visit your local park and enjoy it!

     We get so caught up in the daily grind we do not think to actually see the world that is around us.  I only saw the pigeon flying below me because I stopped to take a short break from working to be outside to enjoy the beautiful day.  "Stop and smell the roses" the philosophers say!  And they are right.  Stop to smell the roses and you will see how delicate the petals look but in fact are a little hardier than you think.  You will see the amazing sacred geometry in the arrangement of the petals and be amazed how Nature arranged that. You will enjoy the beautiful fragrance that will lift your spirits giving you the desire to keep going....

Need a change in perspective?  Change where you stand...and use your eyes..............

Angela Jeffreys

**Please keep in mind this experience was in 1983 & 1984.  South Korea has changed a lot in the past 30 years.  It is no longer just the cities that have running water, electricity, etc, the countryside has been modernized too.  It is also a very technologically advanced country, being the country with the most mobile phone usage.

**All photos are the property of Angela Jeffreys.**

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Saturday, 6 July 2013


Welcome to "Seeing With Shamanic Eyes"!

I have had this idea for several years now but the timing was never right.  Today when I sat down to work I had a long list of things to do and creating this blog was not on the list.  During a short break, I stood on the balcony of my 5th floor apartment in the Netherlands, and looked down.  I saw a pigeon fly by, but instead of seeing it from the ground up, I saw it from the top down.  And a pigeon looks completely different from above! It is beautiful!

I reflected on the "Power Animal of the Week" post I made on my Facebook Page this week, which just happened to be about Pigeon!  I wrote how the Pigeon is not seen a desired Power Animal, and then shared the wonderful attributes a Pigeon does have.

As I was standing on my balcony and thought more about Pigeon and how beautiful it was to see it from above, I began thinking about perspectives, perspective in general.  Where we live can change our perspective greatly!  I reflected back on experiences I have had throughout my lifetime and how much they have changed how I view things.  Then the idea for this blog came back to mind........and here we are!  And I will soon write about these perspectives.

In this blog I will be sharing my personal experiences of how ordinary, everyday things can be seen as a spiritual and/or Shamanic experience.   I hope you enjoy my stories and will come back often!