Tuesday, 14 January 2014

How to do a Fire Releasing Ceremony

     One of the things I frequently recommend in my healing sessions, whether it be with Intuitive Healing or Shamanic Soul Retrieval sessions, is a Fire Releasing Ceremony.   Many people have the impression it is a very scary ceremony that requires a lot of complicated rituals, including things they would not feel comfortable doing. A Fire Releasing Ceremony is nothing like that.  Yes, it can be a very rich ceremony with a lot of people, drumming, loud noises, etc, however it can also be a very simple, quiet, and deeply personal ceremony.

     One huge misconception is that you must be a Shaman or be Wiccan to do a Fire Releasing Ceremony. That is not true.  All that is required is that an individual must want to release an particular emotion (i.e. pent up anger), a limiting thought process and/or attitude (i.e. I am not deserving of a happy life), or memories from an ended marriage or an old job.  That is it.  What you add to the ceremony, you decide for yourself.  You can make it a large ceremony or keep it quiet.    

     Non-spiritual, people when they first hear about the concept of a Fire Releasing ceremony, love it!  Without understanding many spiritual principles, they like the idea of ridding themselves the memories of past relationships or old jobs so they can move forward. 

     There are two ways to conduct a Fire Releasing Ceremony.  The traditional Shamanic way, and a more modernized way.  Below are instructions for both.  Both are just as effective, the only difference between them is your personal preference. 

Part 1
Traditional Shamanic Way
     Gather a bunch of materials. String, yarn, feathers, paper, sticks, acorns, glue, ribbons, shells, sea sponge, dried seaweed, etc, anything you have or can find. There is no need to purchase anything. If you do not have an assortment of things, go for a walk in the woods or along the beach and collect things.
     When you have time and will not be interrupted, sit quietly with the assortment of materials laid out in front of you. Take a couple of deep cleansing breaths and bring forward the emotion/attitude/etc you wish to release.  Feel the emotion, attitude, etc that you wish to release. 
     Begin to assemble some of the materials to make an object of some sort. As you do this, feel the energy of that attitude or emotion flow through your arms, into your hands and into the materials. Continue creating until you feel as though all the energy has been released. 
     The object does not have to look like anything in particular.  The point is not what you make, it is to release the energy.  Even if you just take a stick and a ball of yarn and wind the yarn around the stick while releasing the emotion!  This is called a Power Object.

Modernized Way
     This method is more commonly used when releasing an emotion connected to a specific person, however, it can be used for any thing you wish to release.
     Gather some paper and a pen.  Be sure to have plenty of paper.  When you have time and will not be interrupted, sit quietly with the pen and paper.  Take a couple of deep cleansing breaths and bring forward the emotion/attitude/etc you wish to release.  Feel the emotion, attitude, etc that you wish to release.  Now pick up the pen and begin writing.
     If you are releasing emotions connected to a person, you may write as if you are writing a letter to that particular person. Tell them what you feel and think about them or how s/he made you feel
, etc.  Let it all out! Don't hold anything back, release it all from your body. Continue to write until you feel you have released all the energy, no matter how much paper you use.  Use as much as you need whether it be 2 sheets of paper or 20!
For any other purpose, write what you want to release.  For example, you are releasing an old job.  You could write " I release all memories from my job at _______" or "I now forget all the experiences I had when working at __________".  Write whatever you feel you want/need to write. As you write, allow all the energy, emotions, etc to flow down along your arm, into the pen, into the ink and onto the paper.  Continue to write until you feel you have released all the energy.

Part 2
Fire Ceremony
- Holding the newly created Power Object or the paper, stand in front of a Fire.  This can be a fire outside in a bonfire setting (in your yard or on a beach) or in a fire pot, even your fireplace inside your house, if you have one, works well.  If you do hot have access to any of those, then use a large metal garbage can but with paper only. 
-Smudge, rattle to create Sacred Space, drum to call in your own Animals/ Guides.**
-Focus on the Power Object or paper in your hand and the energy that you are releasing.
-When you are ready, toss the item/paper into the Fire.
-Watch as the object/paper burns and the smoke rises. “See” that the energy you placed in the Power Object or paper as being sent into the Universe to be transmuted into positive energy.
-Once the Power Object or paper has completely burned, give thanks to the Fire, and release all helping spirits and allies.  Douse the Fire.     

**If you do not know what smudging is, or know how to call in your Guides and Allies, you can eliminate this part.  Just follow the remaining directions and the ceremony will still be a success.

Conducting a Fire Releasing Ceremony is so liberating! Why not include some friends and support each other! Providing the space for others to be able to release old emotions can be one of the best gifts you can give another person.   If you decide to include others, here is how you would include this in:
1.  As you write out your letter or make your Power Objects. do not chit chat amoungst yourselves.  Stay focused on releasing the energy.  Chit chatting will distract you from doing so.
2.  When you are at the fire, stand in a circle as best as you can.  Each person, when the feel ready, approaches the fire and tosses in their paper or Power Object.  As the person tosses it in, all the other participants shout, hoot and holler in support and encouragement. Shout comments such as "WooHOO!"  It can sometimes be difficult to release these old emotions and having support makes it all the easier.
3.  If you have drums and rattles, hold a steady beat throughout, and when a participant is at the fire, increase to very rapid beats when you do the shouts of encouragement and support.

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