Friday, 29 August 2014

End of August Musings.....

The end of August is upon us. Although it is technically still the season of Summer, the energy changes when September arrives. The weather changes, the air feels different, the colours around us change. The relaxed aloofness of Summer returns once again to an organized and productive schedule.
No doubt our ancestors felt this too. Although their lives were not as complicated as ours, it was still a busy time. They concerned themselves with preserving and storing food for the winter and stacking wood for heat and cooking, returning their animal stock to their winter homes .
Our ancestors felt another shift in the energy, one most of our society has forgotten. It is the change in the Veils between the Realms. This is the time we can feel our Ancestors energies, the deceased will talk to us. Additionally, as we head into the darkest time of the year, this is a time in which we can look deep into ourselves and search for our own Inner Light.
As much as I am sad to see the end of summer, the hot days and summer fun come to an end, deep down I always look forward to this time of year. It calls to the core of my being, awakening my every sense.. I feel the most alive, ironically, in this time of dying and death.
As we say goodbye to Summer, I once again embrace the Autumn with the usual anticipation of exploring the depths of living and dying. Once again this Autumn, I will allow death to show me the way, so that I may re-emerge in the Light of Winter renewed and very much alive!